Ubisoft releases an extended gameplay preview of For Honor’s single player campaign, showing off 10 brutal minutes of a Viking raid on a Samurai fortress.

For Honor was one of Ubisoft’s most talked about games of E3 2015 and lots of gamers were hoping to see a lot more of the title at the developer’s E3 2016 Press Conference.  Today, Ubisoft gave those fans exactly what they wanted with an extended look at the title’s Viking Campaign.

It was known that something related to the Vikings was coming this afternoon, thanks to a teaser trailer that Ubisoft released last week, but it’s unlikely anyone expected to get more than 10 minutes of actual gameplay. The clip features voiceover from Geoff Ellenor, one of For Honors directors, providing walkthrough commentary on top of the video.

Last year, Ubisoft focused on the game’s multiplayer but this preview shows a group of Vikings attempting to storm a Samurai fortress. The combat system was a main focus of the presentation and it looks like players will be given quite a few options to make their way through the game.

Players who choose the game’s Viking faction can become a “raider” and use an axe to cut down their foes. Players will be able to swing the axe in different directions using the right thumbstick. Ubisoft calls the combat system “The Art of Battle” and a key part of the gameplay will be switching your stance or fighting style on the fly to gain an advantage over your opponent. The environment can also play a role, like when the Viking pushes a samurai into some spikes.

The video concludes with a final battle against a Samurai lord, one of many boss encounters in For Honor‘s campaign. The Viking is able to overcome his opponent by activating Revenge mode. Revenge mode becomes available after successfully blocking enough attacks or taking enough damage. The mode temporarily increases the player’s strength and defense.

In addition to the Vikings, players will also be able to play through campaigns for the Samurai and Knights. These campaigns can be played in single player mode but will also feature a two-player co-op version that can be played online or through split-screen.

For Honor releases February 14, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players can sign up for an early alpha of the title at ForHonorGame.com.