It seems that the For Honor community is already starting to produce incredible content, seen in this video of a 3v1 duel that has Twitch streamer iSkys emerging victorious.

For Honor has only been out for a couple of days and already impressive footage is starting to emerge online, such as this incredible clip of one player fending off three enemies to emerge victorious in the title’s Dominion game mode.

Those who have jumped into the intense combat of For Honor are sure to know how challenging it is to fight off multiple enemies at once. Just to overcome one other player alone requires quick reactions and a great deal of skill, something that Twitch streamer iSkys has plenty of. As shown in the video below, the talented player is forced to face off against two other players at once, with a third one entering the fray shortly afterwards.

Because Iskys is able to block and parry his enemies on multiple occasions, he can trigger the game’s Revenge mode which seeks to even the odds by increasing a hero’s defense and offensive power. Despite these buffs, it’s still incredibly hard to tackle two individuals at one time, especially since they can attack together to make it impossible to block the onslaught. By the time that the third enemy shows up, iSkys is in a tricky spot, health-wise.

Finally, with two opponents dispatched, the streamer turns his attention to the final hero – the newly-introduced Valkyrie. Her health is much higher than his Warden’s, but that doesn’t stop her from dying to a stylish execution move, which allows iSkys to receive a healing boost as a reward for the spectacular fight.

The video quickly reached the top of the For Honor subreddit under the heading ‘iSkys is a God’, giving the talented player the recognition he deserves for the fight. We’re still in early days, so if this is what in-game footage looks like now, we can’t wait until we see how things look a couple of months down the line.

for honor valkyrie

In other For Honor news, it seems like many have already had the chance to pledge their allegiance to either the Knights, Vikings or Samurai, as Ubisoft reveal that the game’s beta testing periods were host to over 6 million players – acting as the largest PC beta in the company’s history. Not only did this help the developer gather player interest, but it’s also sure to have done wonders for bug-finding, meaning that For Honor fans will likely be able to enjoy a much more steady experience because of it.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Ubisoft’s brand-new IP for yourselves, be sure to check out what early For Honor reviews are saying before you decide whether or not to buy. It may be too early to assess a verdict just yet, but there’s little doubt that For Honor is already turning heads.

For Honor is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.