For Honor Update Tweaks Valkyrie, Warlord, & More

The high-powered hack-and-slash game For Honoreceived some pretty hefty changes today, as its developer Ubisoft Montreal has rolled out a laundry list of tweaks and alterations to improve overall gameplay. For Honor's round of updates were implemented during a multi-platform live server update this morning, March 10 at 5AM PST, 8 AM EST, and 1PM GMT, during which all PC, PS4, and Xbox One systems went offline while it went live.

Major overall changes in the 1.03 update include a nerf to reduces guard break spam, a tweak that affects the entire roster of For Honor characters, as well as a balance change to Warlord, specifically his full block stance. The updated nerf was implemented to push players back when attempting a simultaneous guard break and to disconnect any simultaneous break efforts that follow.

As far as Warlord is concerned, his stance gets pegged with a delay; rather than activating instantaneously, players will notice a "200ms delay after the input." For Honor developers mentioned that Warlord's full block "was not intended to be a reactive tool to replace all other defen[se] methods."

for honor udpate patch warlord valkyrie

Additional changes hit Valkyrie, whose shield tackle full block, like Warlord's stance, was never intended to serve as a defense-replacing reactive tool. Valkyrie's property has also received a 200ms delay following the input, which clears up a handful of replication bugs players were experiencing. Conqueror, Kensei, and Shugoki also see some tweaks, mainly in replication and bug fixes:

Conqueror: To fix some replication bugs, the heavy attack interrupt block animation has been delayed from immediate to a 100ms delay after the input.

Kensei: Fixed a bug that caused unblockable Top Heavy to cancel back into itself. This was never intended to work like that.

Shugoki: Fixed a bug on Charged Heavy Attack hitting twice and being un-parry able when releasing lock during the attack. This was never intended to work like that.

For Honor's 1.03 patch update includes a few PC-specific changes as well. In a small hotfix, PC gamers using Intel Integrated Graphics that do not meet minimum spec requirements will no longer be affected by the warning; rather, they can move right past the message without the game kicking out to the system's desktop. Additionally, a community request has been granted for PC players: "the post-match screen ‘Quit to Desktop’ option has been removed."

Other PC-exclusive tweaks can be seen in a bug fix that remedies a memory leak that occurred under unique circumstances with Universal Press and Play (UPnP), as well as in improved away-from-keyboard (AFK) monitoring and detection.

For Honor update patch 1.03 notes

Considering the game has had gotten off to somewhat rocky start, given the many reports of For Honor server issues and an anti-cheat initiative that backfired a bit, the changes brought forth in update 1.03 seem promising. They may even be enough to boost For Honor's Steam playerbase, which plummeted 50 percent just a few days ago. In all, fans of the multiplayer medieval melee can expect some noticeable changes, ones that may very well alter their For Honor gameplay experience for the better.

For Honor is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft - Forums

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