Since launching out of the gates this past February to massive player numbers, For Honor is in the process of not only improving the game by adding quality of life updates, but also expanding the game with more content for players to sink their teeth into. Fans have gotten a hold of four new character classes thanks to a couple of expansions that closely follow the pattern of another popular Ubisoft title, Rainbow Six Siege. With season three now fully available, Ubisoft is planning on adding even more to the game through a brand new mode called Tribute.

In the latest trailer, Tribute adds another objective based mode alongside the popular Domination in the base For Honor package. Tribute focuses solely on a smaller 4v4 match which challenges players to capture three different tributes scattered around the map. After capturing a tribute, the player needs to return the offering back to one its three shrines, which offers the capturing team one of three bonus buffs centered around offense, defense, or awareness. Where things get intense is when all three tributes are captured, which begins a countdown. The team that captured all three will then need to manage to hold them from the enemy, who only needs to capture one to keep the match going.

For now, Ubisoft isn’t saying when players will finally be able to go hands on with this new mode. The For Honor team is planning a deep dive into the new objective-based mode during its weekly Warrior’s Den livestream, which takes place tomorrow, September 14 at 9:00 am PDT. Interested players will want to tune in for additional information, more gameplay of Tribute in action, and perhaps a firm release date.

Tribute follows on the heels of the season three Season 3 expansion known as Grudge & Glory which launched to the public last month. Two new maps, Sentinel and Viking Village, were introduced into the base game, as well as other enhancements and plans for a 1v1 tournament style duel mode. For many fans, however, the most exciting addition was two new character classes in the form of the Knights Gladiator, and the Vikings Highlander. Both play vastly different from one another, as the Gladiator is a lightning fast assassin class, while the hulking Highlander is fairly slow, though it can pack a punch with the massive Claymore sword.

For Honor is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft – YouTube