In a new trailer, Ubisoft reveals its plans for supporting the game post-launch including what sort of content players can expect with the For Honor season pass.

The medieval brawler For Honor has been in the news quite a bit lately, as the game just wrapped up another closed beta session which introduced a number of new characters like the knight/assassin Peacekeeper. With the release now just a couple of weeks away, the last bits of information are finally coming out including how Ubisoft plans to support the game beyond launch with the previously rumored season pass.

As expected, Ubisoft confirmed the existence of a $40 season pass, which is set to introduce six additional heroes over the course of the year and in batches of two at the start of each new season. While the characters will be free to unlock using the in-game currency within For Honor, season pass owners will gain access to these heroes seven days before the community. Each hero also comes with an elite outfit, helping them stand out even more on the battlefield.

Along with the new heroes, season pass owners gain additional content as well, including three exclusive emblem outlines and three additional scavenger crates to unlock new gear for some of the heroes. Lastly, all season pass owners also unlock Champion Status for 30 days. This boost essentially grants an additional 25% XP earn rate for the player, while giving an additional 10% for teammates as well. Not only that, players with Champion Status enabled also earn bonus XP from crafting and more loot at the end of matches.

In addition, the planned post-launch schedule is clearly influenced by the Faction War meta game within For Honor, where players join a faction and deploy war assets to defend or attack regions on the in-game map in exchange for rewards after each season ends. Similar to the post launch structure of Ubisoft’s other competitive title, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor plans to release new content every three months alongside a new season within the Faction War for free. Each season of content contains two new warriors, two new maps, and a bunch of weapons, armor, and rewards for players to earn.

for honor beta hero types

In addition to the new content, Ubisoft is also planning on adding additional game modes later this year including ranked gameplay and tournaments. This news aligns with the reveal from a couple months ago that the post-launch support will continue to remain free for players, to keep the community unified rather than split between those with the new content and those without it.

Fans who have not had a chance to try out For Honor’s unique brand of combat will get an opportunity to do so starting on February 9 when the open beta finally kicks off. For this final test, players can try out the eight player dominion mode along with 4 player brawls, one on one duels, and the new Elimination mode as well.

What do you think of the post launch plans Ubisoft has for this game? Anything you’re hoping to see down the road? Sound off in the comment section below.

For Honor launches on February 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.