After breaking records earlier this year with its beta tests, For Honor’s momentum has slowed a bit due in large part to continued server issues and player unrest over microtransactions. As Ubisoft continues to enhance and improve the experience to emulate the resurgence Rainbow Six Siege has seen in its second year, new features and content are now right around the corner. With Season 2 wrapping up with the Samurai as the winning faction, Ubisoft has finally revealed its plans for Season 3, which kicks off on August 15.

On the latest edition of the For Honor Warrior’s Den stream, Ubisoft revealed two new classes coming to its popular melee combat game alongside season 3. The first is a Viking hybrid class called the Highlander who carries a massive two handed sword known as a Claymore. This hulking warrior’s unique trait allows them to switch between two different fighting forms. Defensive form grants counter-attacking and the ability to trade blows, while the offensive form removes the ability to block, but grants new, deadly attacks.

As with season 2, the Knights are getting another new Roman style character known as the Gladiator. Wielding a trident and a small shield, this assassin type class has access to a larger stamina pool, reduced cool-down times, and can also punch their opponent to create separation. Both classes go live for season pass owners on August 15, with everyone else getting access a week later on August 22.

In addition to two new classes, the Grudge and Glory Season 3 expansion adds two new maps to the game including Sentinel and Viking Villiage along with new customization options for weapons and armor. Ranked matches and competitive play are also being added with Season 3 through a new 1v1 duel tournament mode. As players compete in these tournaments, they can earn higher ranks, thereby unlocking better exclusive rewards at the end of the season.

When it launches in a couple weeks, Grudge and Glory will be the first seasonal expansion to be released without Jason VandenBerghe serving as creative director. He left Ubisoft last month after nine years of service. It didn’t take long for VandenBerghe to announce his new position, as the senior developer announced joining ArenaNet as the Director of Design.

For Honor is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft US – YouTube