For Honor Season 2 Begins in May with New Characters and Content

Since releasing in February, Ubisoft's newest IP For Honor has seen a fair share of ups and downs. After successfully holding one of Ubisoft's most popular beta tests ever, the game began to suffer with numerous problems stemming from server issues and fan protests over a number of grievances including microtransaction prices. While many changes have since taken place, Ubisoft is readying the first season expansion called Shadow and Might, which brings a wealth of new content to the game including new characters, maps, fixes, and much more.

In a new press release, Ubisoft finally reveals the heavily rumored pair of characters joining the main roster of For Honor. For season 2, the Knight Faction is getting the Centurion, a heavily armored hybrid class that uses a traditional Roman Gladius sword. According to Ubisoft, this character class is adept at close-quarters combat, capable of seeing the battlefield as a chessboard, and bypassing enemy defenses.

For Honor's Samurai faction is also getting a new class with this update called the Shinobi. Joining the Orochi, this assassin based class utilizes the Japanese Kusarigama to silently and quickly overwhelm their enemies. While these two character classes were originally leaked a couple of months ago, this announcement did not include any official gameplay for either fighter.

When For Honor's season two begins on May 16, two additional maps called Forge and Temple Garden are also being added along with other various tweaks and bug fixes. The gear stats system is also getting an overhaul, along with a new Epic gear rarity level, which further increases the maximum gear score.

Based on this information, it appears that For Honor is following the seasonal DLC approach of Ubisoft's rejuvenated competitive shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. While Siege tends to release new content every few months, For Honor revolves around the in-game event known as the Faction War. Each season is broken into five rounds, lasting a couple months where players use accumulated assets from playing the game to manipulate the map by capturing and defending territories. It's presumed that the next round of DLC for Season 3 will begin once the second Faction War wraps up.

Which new class are you looking forward to trying out once season 2 begins?

For Honor is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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