Since launching on Valentine’s Day, things had been going fairly smoothly for Ubisoft’s newest IP, For Honor, until an online outage negatively impacted the servers for players, preventing access to the popular multiplayer components. As an apology to players affected, For Honor community developer Emile Gauthier reveals on Reddit that any players who logged into the game between Feb 13th and Feb 26th at 2:00 am EST is getting a 3 Day Champion status this coming weekend. Players who log into their account on March 3, will have access to the booster for free.

Along with the free XP, loot, and steel boost, the first community order in For Honor becomes active within the game’s War of the Factions meta game, which has Knights, Vikings, and Samurai fighting over territory on the map based on player contributions from simply playing the game. Players who take part in this special event will also double the amount of in-game currency known as steel they earn from playing the game normally.

for honor valkyrie action

Similar to how boosters work in Rainbow Six Siege, Champion Status in For Honor gives players a 25% experience boost, exclusive champion emblems and icons, more end match loot, more salvage from dismantling gear, and a 10% boost in experience for teammates. The boost is available for purchase in varying amounts based on how much time the status is active and can be purchased with in-game currency known as steel or as part of the microtransaction system in place.

The first major patch known as 1.03 arrives today for PC players, bringing that much needed buff to the Valkyrie class. After a few pre-launch changes caused more harm than intended to the character, the Valkyrie is now getting a damage increase and quicker recovery time between strikes. Other changes include a number of bug fixes for the Peacekeeper class, a return to pre-launch guard break mechanics, and tweaks to the UI, graphics, and game chat. Unfortunately, console players may need to wait a bit longer as the patch is still going through certification and does not have a timetable for release yet.

What do you think of this apology? Are you excited to jump into the new event this weekend with champion status active? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

For Honor is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.