For Honor Rage Quit Penalties Coming in Next Patch

An upcoming For Honor patch will finally introduce leaver penalties. The lack of punishment against rage quitters is just one major issue that players have had with the game, which have led some to threaten to boycott the Ubisoft fighting title.

In the weekly Warrior's Den stream, Ubisoft confirmed that For Honor will soon punish those who leave the game early. Although it is unclear exactly what penalty Ubisoft will dole out to those who ditch before a match is truly over, the company can now tell when people quit the game on purpose, including ALT + F4 (which closes the current window), force closing the game, and disconnecting.

Currently, players argue that it is currently far too easy for opponents to get away with ditching matches once they see that a game can't be won. So rather than face the defeat head-on or try and mount a comeback, these players simply leave the match.

The next For Honor patch is expected next week on PC while on consoles it may take a little longer due to the certification process. Even if it has been a long time coming, most fans seem pleased by the announcement and are happy that Ubisoft is listening.


Some, though, have responded to the proposed changes saying that they hope that Ubisoft fixes the other problems with the game before they release this patch. On social media, one player pointed to the "spamming, exploits, and hero specific bugs" that plague the game and "force" players to rage quit.

While some may argue that there is no excuse for rage quitting or just leaving the game on purpose, given that at least one For Honor character is so over-powered that they were banned from professional tournaments, this is perhaps a valid point.

It's uncertain whether Ubisoft will consider addressing the 'why' behind rage quitters before it will make the change, or whether it will forge ahead with it anyway. But the divided response to the proposed update does show what a difficult time the company has with updating For Honor and how much it has to consider. Nerfs and buffs can pose a headache but when everything from new emote strategies and quit penalties can lead to backlash too, Ubisoft will have to consider all angles.

For Honor is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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