After releasing For Honor and listening to fan feedback, Ubisoft reveals plans to buff heroes like Valkyrie and change certain mechanics like guard break.

For Honor has only been out for a few days, but already Ubisoft is planning on making a number of changes to its melee action game. While not as extensive as fans have seen from other major titles – a day one patch included a number of important fixes to things like connectivity and matchmaking – the update should help bring greater balance to the diverse cast of For Honor heroes, alongside some key tweaks to the game’s fighting mechanics.

Communicating with fans on the For Honor subreddit, community developer Eric Pope revealed that the developers are already working on a number of fan requested improvements. One of the biggest changes is how bots work when replacing disconnecting players in Duel, Brawl, and Elimination modes.

Previously, when human players quit mid match, they were replaced by a bot with full health. Ubisoft realizes this can be a bit unfair, especially if players were on the verge of winning, so instead, bots will spawn into the match dead first before respawning into the match.

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Another major change is coming to the guard break countering move, which can leave an opponent or player vulnerable to attack. Currently, players cannot counter the guard break until the grab animation finishes, but in the For Honor beta, the timing window lasted from the start of the guard break animation to its completion. After loads of feedback about this, Ubisoft has decided to revert the behavior back to how it was in the beta tests.

Additional character balancing and bug fixing is also coming in upcoming updates. The Berserker and Conqueror heroes will no longer be able to combo into a free guard break after their opponent blocks their light attack. A bug affecting the Peacekeeper assassin is also getting squashed, so now players will properly see a bleed effect applied on the second and third guard break stabs.

The Viking hybrid hero Valkyrie is also getting a number of tweaks and buffs following concerns the character can’t compete with most other heroes. In an effort to correct this, Ubisoft is making it so Valkyrie’s light attacks and chains will have less recovery time as well as reduced time between those attacks. Pouncing Thrust and Hunter’s Strike moves are getting a damage buff and additional link options as well. Finally, the Hunter’s Rush ability is getting its recovery time reduced and Shield Crush is getting an additional link to light attack chains. These chains should make the Valkyrie a little more versatile and more lethal on the battlefield.

At this time, no specific date was given for when players would see these updates or even if all of the fixes would arrive at the same time. Considering the game only just released, these details were more to give players an idea as to what Ubisoft is looking at changing, rather than anything official

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What do you think of these changes? Is there anything else about the game you’d like Ubisoft to address eventually? Sound off in the comment section below.

For Honor is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.