For Honor has a major patch incoming, which will make changes to many of the game’s heroes. The PC version of For Honor will receive the patch, labeled 1.03, tomorrow (February 28) at 8 a.m. Eastern after the game goes down for a 15-minute maintenance period due to the patch.

Those playing For Honor on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait until the patch can make its way through the certification process with Sony and Microsoft, however. The developers do not have a timetable on when that process will be complete, but promise to update fans with any news.

Among the warriors getting adjusted in this patch, the Valkyrie looks to be getting the most amount of change, who will get an overall buff as promised. Ubisoft said the previous nerf to Valkyrie impacted its dueling ability too greatly, taking the hero from the top dueler in the game to dead last. To correct it, a few of Valkyrie’s attacks will do more damage, and some will have a quicker recovery time before strikes, meaning Valkyrie can now perform strikes faster.

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for honor knight vs samurai combat

As for the Peacekeeper hero, Ubisoft says the patch will roll back some unintended bugs that resulted from implementing changes to Peacekeeper during the For Honor beta. After the patch, Peacekeeper should perform as the developers originally intended.First and foremost, the character’s bleed damage will return for each stab, in addition to increasing Peacekeeper’s Stab and Light Attack.

Speaking of guardbreak, this patch will roll back the mechanic to how it worked during the beta “in order to have it be a more usable skill,” according to the developers. More specifically, that means a player can now counter a guardbreak if guardbroken during their own guardbreak animation. Previously, if a player hit guardbreak, but the other player’s guardbreak collided first, they were unable to counter and push the player away.

Patch 1.03 will also make various small fixes and improvements to the game’s UI, chat system, and graphics. There’s no word about any fixes coming in this patch to For Honor’s anti-cheat system, which is reportedly banning a large number of players who are not guilty of any kind of cheating.

For Honor will have been out for two weeks when this patch hits, launching to positive reviews and topping the UK sales charts.

For Honor is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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