Early details regarding the upcoming open beta for Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash game, For Honor, get a reveal via an exclusive offer through Twitch Prime’s benefit offers.

For Honor, Ubisoft’s competitive multiplayer action game, just wrapped up a resoundingly successful closed beta. The “War of Factions” event saw thousands of excited players battle for the glory of their chosen faction. For now, the Vikings took a narrow victory over the Knights, but the Samurai must simply be biding their time for For Honor‘s open beta, of which Ubisoft has yet to announce.

Lucky for all factions, Twitch has let slip details regarding For Honor‘s as-yet-unannounced open beta. In an email tied to the subscription-based Twitch Prime service, Twitch has revealed that For Honor‘s open beta will run from February 9 through February 12.

“February 9th-12th is the Open Beta, where you can pledge your sword to the Knights, Vikings, or Samurai, then fight for your faction alongside your favorite general.”For Honor Open Beta Details Via Twitch Prime

As for how Twitch received this information, it’s tied to the exclusive Twitch Prime benefits for February. Every month, Twitch Prime offers exclusive game content to their subscribers, and for February that content just happens to be various DLC for For Honor. As part of Twitch’s partnership with Ubisoft, the company must have been told the date of the open beta. Ubisoft just must have forgotten to mention when they’d be officially revealing the date of the open beta.

It’s interesting to look at Ubisoft’s schedule leading up to release now that the open beta’s date has been revealed. The closed beta ran from January 26-29, which was a three day beta to be followed by 10 days of continued development. That should give Ubisoft’s team plenty of time to hammer out any easily addressed bugs or balance issues. However, the open beta from February 9-12 ends just two days before launch. That’s rather little time to make any meaningful adjustments pre-launch.

It’s a growing trend for publishers to use beta events solely as marketing opportunities these days, and it often works. Something about quick and dirty introductions to multiplayer games – all for free – makes excitable gamers pull out their wallets as fast as possible. That’s not to say Ubisoft won’t make the most of the opportunity. An open beta will certainly stress test For Honor‘s  networking code, but since the game doesn’t feature dedicated servers, hardware isn’t a worry.

For Honor launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting February 14. The open beta, for now unofficially, is planned to run from February 9 through the 12.