During the PC alpha for Ubisoft’s For Honor, one player breaks the non-disclosure agreement to reveal that the game will not have dedicated servers for multiplayer.

At the moment, For Honor‘s alpha test is live for a small number of PC players, but the situation might not turn out to be as successful as the previous alpha due to certain discoveries about the title’s multiplayer coming to light. As it happens, one player went on to break their non-disclosure agreement signed with Ubisoft to reveal that For Honor will not use dedicated servers for its multiplayer.

As seen in the video below from the Redditor known as MexGrow, the user explains how For Honor is eschewing dedicated servers to opt for the use of peer-to-peer matchmaking instead. Throughout the course of the clip, MexGrow notes how lengthy the process is to actually find a match that will begin without having to wait more than five minutes, and also shows how often the game disconnects itself due to the gameplay state being untenable.

The Redditor also mentions the fact that some ISPs have network restrictions that cannot be changed by the user, which could cause For Honor‘s P2P matchmaking system to cause plenty of errors for those specific players who can’t change their status by switching to an open NAT. With this being the case, MexGrow has started a petition to have Ubisoft implement dedicated servers for its multiplayer in For Honor, or at the very least to have the company acknowledge the issues that are currently occurring with peer-to-peer matchmaking.

With it now being known that For Honor will ditch dedicated servers for multiplayer, this could throw gamer support of the title into further tumult. After all, a lot of fans were already none too happy to discover that the hack-and-slash release requires a constant Internet connection. Not to mention, players went on to be disappointed after Ubisoft reneged on its promise to incorporate couch co-op in the game by eventually revealing it will not support split-screen.


Of course, while the decisions surrounding For Honor‘s multiplayer have caught some flak from the gaming community, the Ubisoft title has features available for players who wish to go it alone. As a matter of fact, hands-on previews of the multiplayer-centric game’s single-player campaign have left a lot of reviewers impressed with the results.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s quite possible that if For Honor sticks with peer-to-peer matchmaking that fan interest could drop exponentially. Naturally, though, such a case remains to be seen, so it will be interesting to find out what the user numbers are for the game’s closed beta once it arrives on the scene.

For Honor is set to release on February 14, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.