A Reddit user participating in For Honor‘s open beta discovers what appears to be a Mortal Kombat reference hidden in the background of one of the game’s PvP maps.

For Honor officially releases on Tuesday but players have been putting the game through its paces all weekend thanks to the open beta, with plenty of screenshots and videos getting uploaded to the Internet as a result. One of the more interesting finds from this For Honor early access period is a screenshot of what appears to be a Mortal Kombat easter egg that was uploaded to Reddit on Saturday.

Reddit user Lacront shared a screenshot on the site’s Gaming subreddit in which the silhouette of two characters can be seen fighting on a bridge in the background of one of For Honor‘s PvP maps. A closer inspection of the image reveals that the two characters in question appear to be Blaze and Hornbuckle from Mortal Kombat, which would imply that the bridge they are fighting on is actually The Pit stage from Mortal Kombat IIFor Honor may be developed by Ubisoft, but it’s pretty clear there’s at least one big NetherRealm fan at the company.

for honor mortal kombat easter egg

We have to say the execution of this easter egg is pretty solid, as it’s not immediately obvious who the characters on the bridge are at first glance. Ubisoft obviously wouldn’t want to put anything into For Honor that would blatantly look out of place for the game, and so Blaze and Hornbuckle seem to have been intentionally designed in a way that also somewhat resembles For Honor‘s own fighters. Only a serious fan of Mortal Kombat would realize what’s actually going on here, as Hornbuckle isn’t even an official character in that fighting franchise, it’s a name the MK community came up with on its own.

For the uninitiated, For Honor is a PvP-focused game that will let players go to battle as Vikings, Samurai, and Knights. The title, one of Game Rant’s Most Anticipated Games of 2017will also feature a single-player campaign. The game is arguably Ubisoft’s biggest release of the year even though it’s only February, as For Honor has the potential to become a major new franchise if things go well on the sales charts. The game will continue to receive support following tomorrow’s launch and a Season Pass is available for purchase, but Ubisoft has also made clear that major additions like new maps and modes will be free in order to avoid splitting the player base.

For Honor launches February 14, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.