For Honor is now live, so here’s everything you need to know about buying new feats, outfits, and champion status via the brawler’s in-game microtransactions.

Today marks the release of For Honor, Ubisoft’s unique new multiplayer title that brings together Samurai, Knights, and Vikings for an all-out melee. Now that the game is live, we’re able to see exactly what pricing has been put in place for the game’s microtransactions.

For Honor uses an in-game currency known as Steel to handle various purchases. Players can earn Steel as they play the game, or pay for a certain amount: $5 buys 5,000 Steel; $10 buys 11,000 Steel; $20 buys 25,000 Steel; $50 buys 65,000 Steel; and $100 buys a whopping 150,000 Steel.

Steel can be used to buy various items from the game’s storefront. Players can choose to spend 30,000 Steel to unlock all the special abilities known as feats for the 12 characters in the base game, according to a report from VG247.

Alternatively, they can spend their hard-earned resources on special costumes for their chosen character. Costume packs are grouped by both faction and class, so players can choose to unlock all outfits for the Samurai, Knights, or Vikings, or specify a character type like Assassin or Heavy.

Finally, there’s the option to spend Steel on Champion Status. Champion Status grants a wide range of perks, including more salvage from dismantling items, a 25 percent XP boost for the player and a 10 percent boost for their teammates, more loot at the end of a game, three exclusive emblems, and an exclusive icon.

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Champion Status costs 2,000 Steel for 3 days, 4,000 Steel for 7 days, 15,000 Steel for a month, 35,000 Steel for 3 months, 45,000 Steel for 6 months, and 65,000 Steel for a year.

All in all, the microtransactions present in For Honor seem pretty fair. It’s not cheap to use real money to unlock the likes of premium costumes, but there’s also the option to grind out the necessary Steel during gameplay.

Real-money purchases will likely play a pivotal role in the game’s continued success. Ubisoft has already confirmed that its DLC will be free so as not to split the community, so in-game purchases will need to do the heavy lifting to ensure that For Honor remains profitable.

Ubisoft has recently demonstrated its capacity to support a popular multiplayer title with the announcement of a second season of content for Rainbow Six: Siege. For Honor could certainly receive the same treatment — but it’ll need to garner a similarly devoted community.

For Honor is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.