For Honor: Marching Fire Update Announced with New Trailer

During its press conference on Monday, Ubisoft revealed the trailer for For Honor's newest expansion: Marching Fire. The trailer is entirely cinematic, and features a female knight fighting through waves of enemies before being introduced to a brand new faction of Chinese warriors.

After the trailer was finished, developers came on stage to explain some details about the newest expansion. For Honor: Marching Fire will be releasing on October 16th, and will be bringing four Chinese warriors as well as a new game mode: Breach. Breach will be focused on siege warfare, something that fans of For Honor have frequently requested to help reinforce the game's medieval fantasy.

With Marching Fire, Ubisoft will also be adding in a few other major enhancements, separating this expansion from the other content updates that the game has received. For Honor will be getting "major graphical enhancements," in addition the new PvP and PvE modes that will arrive with the expansion. Of course, new maps will also be added in.

For Honor has seen a rocky history since it launched a couple of years ago. While generally considered to have strong gameplay, its servers were often unreliable due to being peer-to-peer, and there were some balance problems that consistently bothered the community.

Since its earlier days, For Honor has added several new classes and added in dedicated servers, addressing several of the issues that For Honor's base audience had. Additionally, the game has been staying active with themed events and seasons to keep progression fresh.

For those who are interested in joining the For Honor community in anticipation for the new expansion, Ubisoft announced during the conference that the For Honor Starter Edition will be available for free on Uplay from now until June 18th. Grabbing the starter pack during this period will let users play the game forever - it's not just a trial period.

It's unclear exactly how much Marching Fire is going to cost when it releases in October, or if the Season Pass is going to cover it. It's also possible that it will be a free update, but that remains to be seen.

For Honor is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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