Ubisoft reveals two more characters set to do battle in For Honor with a Knight representative the Lawbringer, and the fearsome Valkyrie of the Viking class.

For Honor is a game that pits some of the deadliest warriors in history against one another in large-scale multiplayer battles. In the run-up to the game’s launch, Ubisoft has been releasing information about the various character classes set to join the fray, and now the studio has offered up details of two more fighters representing the Knights and the Vikings.

First up is the Lawbringer, who fights for the Knight faction in For Honor, referred to in-game as the Legion. The Lawbringer is a slow-moving warrior who hits hard, and is largely equivalent to the Shugoki of the Samurai faction, according to a report from VG 24/7.

Making up for the character’s limited mobility, the Lawbringer’s superior armor allows players to endure hits that would cripple other classes. Moreover, its poleaxe — described as “the most versatile weapon ever created” in footage released by Ubisoft — allows for a huge amount of offensive flexibility.

Meanwhile, the game’s ragtag crew of Vikings known as Warborn will count the agile, dangerous Valkyrie among their forces. The character is described as a tracker and a scout, which seems to suggest that the class will be particularly effective when performing reconnaissance and hit-and-run attacks.

The Valkyrie uses a spear and shield to great effect, especially when combined with how quickly the character can move around the map. The impressive reach of the spear will no doubt offer a tactical benefit when engaging in combat at close-quarters with enemies using swords.

The fast but minimally armored Valkyrie and the behemoth Lawbringer serve as a good indication of how the various character classes present in For Honor will interact. Players will need to understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses to survive the rigors of combat.

Next week, Ubisoft will allow a select group of combatants to get some hands-on experience with For Honor when the game’s closed beta gets underway. Nine of the game’s initial twelve character classes will be available — but the Lawbringer and the Valkyrie are being kept under wraps for the time being.

There are high hopes that For Honor will live up to the high standard set for Ubisoft’s multiplayer output by the excellent Rainbow Six: Siege. The game’s recently leaked season pass seems to have been inspired by the military shooter’s strategy for post-release content, so hopefully it follows suit in other respects.

For Honor is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 14.