For Honor Beats Horizon Zero Dawn in Latest PS4 Sales Chart

For Honor has beaten Horizon Zero Dawn in the latest PS4 sales chart. Ubisoft's action-packed fighting game was the most downloaded game for PS4 from the PlayStation Store during February, managing to outdo the hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive.

After For Honor and Horizon Zero dawn place was JRPG and PS4 exclusive Nioh in third place, while fourth place was secured by EA's hugely popular first person shooter Battlefield 1. In fifth was Rockstar Games' criminal sandbox Grand Theft Auto 5 which maintains huge sales years after its initial release on the console thanks to continued updates to GTA Online, its multiplayer mode. In the PlayStation VR charts, Job Simulator, Pyschonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin and Carnival Games VR were first, second and third, respectively.

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While some may be surprised that Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony's biggest PS4 franchise launch so far, didn't take the top spot, it should be noted that For Honor had a two week head start. The Ubisoft title was released on Valentine's Day while Horizon Zero Dawn didn't release until the very last day of February. So, Sony must be jumping for joy that its blockbuster robot dinosaur RPG was able to chart so highly despite being available on the PlayStation Store for such a short amount of time.

Ubisoft will also be happy that its game got number one - even if it always had better odds than its closest competition. For Honor's playerbase has dropped significantly on PC, after all, and so the company will be glad to see that the game has strong numbers on at least one console and will be hoping that many of these PS4 players stay engaged.

It also bodes well for sales of For Honor's upcoming DLC. While the game is premium priced and doesn't rely so much on microtransactions such as free to play titles, these DLC characters have undoubtedly been envisioned as a big part of the game's business model. A large group of tuned in players - on any platform - means that there are more people than not to spend money on these post-launch extras and Ubisoft will surely be feeling highly optimistic about the game and its future.

Source: PlayStation Blog

For Honor is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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