Seasoned fighting game player TrU3Ta1ent shares some tips and tricks on how to rule the battlefield with heavyweight samurai Shugoki in Ubisoft’s For Honor.

For Honor has only been out for a matter of days, but already players are taking the time to figure out how to rule the roost with characters from the game’s roster of vikings, knights, and samurai. Fighting game expert TrU3Ta1ent has been in the lab with Shugoki, and he’s managed to find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the kanabo-wielder.

Shugoki is listed as an easy character to learn in For Honor, but his heavyweight status adds some difficulty. It’s important for players to be sure of their attacks and their movements, because being caught out of position can be deadly, particularly with so many character types and play styles around.

The first thing to know about Shugoki is that his Uninterruptible Stance trait absorbs an enemy hit without causing an interruption. However, the character takes extra damage while the ability is depleted — it takes a few seconds to recharge, and even longer if he’s out of stamina, taking damage, or blocking.

Uninterruptible Stance is designed to make it easier for Shugoki to land heavy attacks. Holding down heavy attack while in guard mode charges a heavy attack, which is unblockable and can be very destructive when it lands. Of course, opponents can read the set-up and counter, but they’ll need to land more than one blow to interrupt the charge. TrU3Ta1ent uses charged heavy attacks to great effect after pushing his opponent to the ground.

Shugoki’s light attacks can’t be interrupted, which allows them to be chained together even when the opponent blocks them. This can be exploited to set up attacks that inflict large amounts of damage.

shugoki for honor

One of Shugoki’s most unique moves is called Demon’s Embrace. Executed by holding the left stick down and pressing guard break, it’s a throw that damages the opponent and recovers some health. If Shugoki’s health is critical, the move is guaranteed to be an instant kill, regardless of the opponent’s health level.

Obviously, this is a very powerful manoeuvre, so most players will be able to read the animation and avoid the attack. Stunning them with a guard break beforehand is one way to make the throw easier to land. Throwing them into a wall pretty much guarantees that it will connect — although the distances between you, your opponent, and the wall need to be considered.

If you’re looking to push your opponent back, rather than bring them in close, look no further than Demon Ball. Connect with a guard break and follow up with a heavy attack, and you’ll smash them a significant distance away and leave them open to attack.

shugoki for honor combat

Doing the opposite of this sequence — a heavy attack followed by a guard break — executes a Headbutt. This attack doesn’t deal an enormous amount of damage, but drains a great deal of stamina. It’s also possible to chain into a Headbutt from a light attack.

The Headbutt can be used to great effect by players who are adept at parrying. By following up a successful parry with a guard break and then a Headbutt, Shugoki can drain a large amount of stamina in one fell swoop, leaving their opponent vulnerable.

Shugoki is a relatively simple character, but it’s easy to see how he could be used to great effect by a player that takes the time to learn his strengths and weaknesses. There’s already been some debate as to whether his instant-kill Demon’s Embrace is overpowered, but it remains to be seen whether the move will be patched — we’re still in the first week of release, but feedback from players has already prompted some imminent changes.

For Honor is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.