Fighting game expert TrU3Ta1ent shares detailed strategies on how to get the most out of the Valkyrie character class while out on the battlefield in For Honor.

Now that For Honor is out in the wild, players are starting to understand what kind of game the history-spanning brawler really is. While it may not be obvious until you play it, the game actually resembles a three-dimensional take on fighting game mechanics, and as such expert players of other fighting games are weighing in with high-level strategies.

TrU3Ta1ent, who may be familiar from his Mortal Kombat X videos and his tendency to stream while wearing a fetching cream cap, has released a video all about the Valkyrie. This particular character is listed as one of the Hard characters to pick in For Honor, and as such it’s beneficial to have some extra insight into how to get the most out of the character.

TrU3Ta1ent notes that the Valkyrie’s Thrust and Slash combo (light attack, light attack, heavy attack) offers an extra advantage when its last strike come from the side, rather being input as an overhead. The opponent is dizzied, which gives the player the opportunity to follow up and deal more damage.

Harrier’s Fury (heavy attack, light attack, light attack) also appears to have the same capacity to dizzy an opponent. Players only need to land the final hit for this to take effect, which might play into some high-level zoning strategies.

The Valkyrie has two potent attacks that can be used to damage an opponent at range. The first, Hunter’s Rush, is executed by sprinting toward an enemy without locking on and landing a heavy attack. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly well-telegraphed swipe that can be parried rather easily.

The Pouncing Thrust (dodge forward, light attack) might be a safer option in most scenarios. It does require the player to be locked onto a target, but it’s a less obvious attack that will be more difficult to counter — even if it’s not as deadly as it was during the game’s closed beta.

An important component of the Valkyrie’s arsenal is the Shield Crush (heavy attack, guard break). This is accompanied by the similar Shield Tackle, which is performed by dodging backward then holding down guard break.

for honor valkyrie

Shield Tackle is particularly powerful because it allows the player to block enemy attacks, then transition into a powerful shoulder barge that can knock the opponent down for a follow-up. Alternatively, it’s possible to dodge out of the guard position to cancel the move and try another approach.

It’s crucial to keep an opponent guessing while embroiled in a one-on-one battle. Shield Tackle is great because it gives the player several different options in terms of how to carry out their attack, allowing for all manner of bluffs and baits.

The Valkyrie has a good amount of stamina, meaning that she can comfortably throw out attempts while other classes might need to be more conservative. It’s possible to extend this advantage even further with a Ram’s Headbutt, performed by landing a guard break, then following up by holding down the guard break input. If successful, this technique robs the opponent of a big chunk of their stamina.

Ram’s Headbutt is particularly effective if the opponent is backed up to a wall. Since they’re rendered defenceless with nowhere to go, they’re wide open for heavy damage.

for honor valkyrie action

The video also contains a tip for Valkyrie’s crowd control attack, which is executed by pressing light attack and heavy attack simultaneously. Press cancel shortly afterwards to regain some mobility — it might take some practice to learn the precise timing required.

High-level play with the Valkyrie will likely hinge around the character’s capacity to swing between attack and defence, once players have had some time to learn her intricacies. It’s apparently possible to perform a bleed attack if her shield is position against an incoming attack, if the player dashes toward their opponent and presses heavy attack just as they block an incoming strike. This is a complex technique to pull off, but there’s a helpful demonstration at this point of the video.

For Honor is a deep game that will take months for players to master. We’re still in the very early stages of competitive play, and future patches will surely rearrange the playing field as time goes on. However, it’s safe to say that Valkyrie is a potent choice of character for anybody skilful enough to wield her spear and shields.

For Honor is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.