For Honor goes live on February 14th. Which version should you pick up? We’ve rounded up all the For Honor deals available for Standard, Deluxe, and Gold.

With open-beta coming in strong later this week, the Samauri meets Knights meets Vikings title For Honor may be the biggest launch in February. If the Beta or general hype out there has you looking to pre-order before February 14th’s launch date, we’ve rounded up all the available discounts and deals on For Honor for all platforms for you to peruse.

If you don’t feel like reading through the entire deals dissection, the best place to grab For Honor for the PC is at GMG, where you’ll reap a 20% off discount along with the standard pre-order bonus. The deal price slash the Standard Edition to $47.99 (versus the $59.99 list price) – and works on the Deluxe and Gold Edition respectively at $55.99 and $79.99.

For the console gamers, non-membership discounts are unfortunately not available, so you’ll need to either have Best Buy GCU membership or Amazon Prime to take advantage of any Day 1 discount on For Honor. For those with membership, you’re looking at $47.99 for the Xbox One or PS4 copies of For Honor and similarly $55.99 and $79.99 for the console’s Deluxe and Gold Edition.

For Honor PC Deals

In UK/EU? Here are the deals for our gaming friends across the pond:

Update 2/15: Now that the game is released, deals are scaling back a bit, with UK/EU discount reduced to about20% off instead of the previous pre-order incentive. The same is now also applying to US/North America deals.

For Honor Console Deals

On PC your best bet is GMG as mentioned above. There you’ll find the authorized retailer slashing 20% off the price from the cheapest Standard Edition all the way up to the most expensive Gold Edition. There is no catch to this discount and the savings are self explanatory plus you get all the same pre-order bonuses as you would paying full price elsewhere online.

We’ve also added in a batch of Deluxe and Gold Edition For Honor deals for the UK and EU. Because of regional pricing, if you live in the EU you should just buy in GBP due to the favorable currency and pricing. Deluxe is best bet as its 32% off at GamersGate for £33.99, which translate to 40€, a great deal considering Standard Edition of For Honor is 59,99€!

On console there are also 20% discounts, but the savings are a bit more involved than straight-up price breaks. At Best Buy you’ll need to be a paid Gamers Club Unlocked member ($30 2-year membership) which grants you 20% off pre-order and newly released titles. The same percentage savings holds true for Amazon Prime members, though Prime is considerably more expensive.

Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-ordering before the February 14th release date will grant you the “Legacy Battle Pack”. This pack isn’t anything essential that you’ll need for gameplay but does include 3 exclusive hero skins: 1) Crusader Warden; 2) Sea Snake Raider; 3) Kabuki Kensei.

Gold, Deluxe, or Standard?

There are several differences between the editions of For Honor. Everyone’s situation is different – hardcore fans may want to go the more expensive route, on-the-fence buyers may want to go Standard – there is not right answer so to say. That said, you may want to know what you’re missing in the more expensive editions.

The Deluxe Edition of the game grants you several cosmetic enhancements you would otherwise miss in the standard edition. This includes 3 unique helmet crests, a special execution Sunbeam Effect, and a Deluxe Edition Emblem. Also included in Deluxe is 7-Days of Champion Status. This Champion status grants you extra XP, Loot, and more in multiplayer mode.

The Gold Edition of the game is everything in the Deluxe plus the Season Pass. Instead of 7 days of Champion status you get 30, more exclusive emblems, crates, Sunbeam Emotes, new content, and perhaps the most important: 6 new warriors. The 6 warriors will not be available on Day 1 of the games release, but all the other Season Pass content will be live February 14 making Gold the better option if you want it all. The 6 new warriors will be launched at later dates in batches of two.