It’s been a busy week for the online melee combat game, For Honor. For starters, the season 3 expansion, known as Grudge & Glory kicks off next week and brings new improvements, changes, and maps to the game along with the Highlander and Gladiator classes. But ahead of its upcoming expansion, Ubisoft is holding a free weekend to entice players to stick around and continue to experience the full version.

In a new trailer, Ubisoft reveals that For Honor is going free to play on all major platforms later this week, starting on August 10. From there, players are encouraged to download the game, and log in to experience the full package for a full four days without restrictions. Content includes the single player campaign, which details the rise of Warlord Apollyon and how the factions ultimately turned on one another.

For many, however, the main draw is likely the multiplayer component and its 14 unique fighter. In addition to selecting a particular faction to represent, For Honor brings a variety of modes to the table including a 1v1 Duel and 2v2 Brawl. Players looking for larger modes can pick from three different 4v4 modes as well, such as Elimination, Skirmish, and the game’s signature mode, Domination.

While the free weekend should help increase player counts on all fronts, Ubisoft is likely hoping that many players stay with the game long term. Controversy over player numbers has risen among that game’s community over the past few weeks, with reports indicating a sharp reduction in player numbers. Though the community was passionate about the game’s potential early on, debates soon raged over how balanced the experience was and whether or not it could sustain a true competitive scene. The devs have tried to calm those concerns with regular updates, but the fact remains that interest appears to be waning.

Ubisoft has also come out to defend the game, admitting that For Honor continues to be quite popular while supporting a dedicated and large following. Either way, there’s no doubt that the free weekend is coming at a great time for the title.

For Honor is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.