Just hours from For Honor‘s launch, Ubisoft reveals exactly when its servers will come online, and the game’s file size on each platform once downloaded.

For Honor might be one of the most exciting winter releases in terms of innovation, offering gamers the chance at a sword-and-shield multiplayer experience rather than another PvP model based specifically around firearms. With games like Titanfall 2 and Destiny still popular among multiplayer enthusiasts, For Honor has a real shot at carving out a specific niche for its brand of history-infused, faction-based combat, and that fact has not gone unnoticed by gamers who have flocked to the title’s closed beta to see whether or not Ubisoft’s new IP is a serious contender.

It’s not as though Ubisoft has been keeping For Honor a well-kept secret, though – between the battle lines being divided on social media and a massive Canadian For Honor event, anticipation for the game’s release, at least among those interested, is at an all-time high. With just hours to go until release, Ubisoft has finally released some of the most important details regarding For Honor, shedding light on exactly when its multiplayer servers will go live and how big a download the game will be.

For those interested in going straight to player-versus-player combat at For Honor‘s launch, physical copies of the game will see their servers come online at 3pm Eastern time today, although the retail copies won’t be available until tomorrow. Digital downloads of the game, which will be available right at midnight, will have access to the servers at the same time, as each server will go live at midnight local time of whatever region it corresponds to.

Ubisoft also revealed that preloading is available for For Honor now, and that the file size, depending on platform, is somewhere between 31.45 and 37.2 GB. The file size is relatively small compared to other big releases in the past six months or so, so gamers shouldn’t have too much trouble squeezing Ubisoft’s newest multiplayer experience into an already large games library. Still, the fact that it is a sizeable download means those planning to enjoy a midnight launch experience should begin preloading For Honor as soon as they are able.

for honor knight

Now that Ubisoft has unveiled the last of the most pertinent information regarding For Honor‘s launch, all that remains is to wait out the last few hours until the game becomes available. Whether or not For Honor has the longevity to succeed where other games like The Division came up a bit short remains to be seen, but gamers should expect a very healthy, vibrant, and passionate community in the short-term, and the discussion of whether or not one supports Vikings, Knights, or Samurai might never be more relevant than it is now.

For Honor launches February 14, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.