For Honor Players Can Use Emotes to Dodge Attacks


While some For Honor fans have been on the fence about the February 2017 sales king's new emotes due to a lot of them having expensive price points, those who have gone on to purchase them have discovered that some offer an advantage in combat. To be specific, the Redditor known as TheRealCrayfish has found that using the "Flip Out" emote–which costs 3,000 steel to unlock–allows players to dodge attacks when timed just right.

As seen in the GIF file below from TheRealCrayfish, while using For Honor's Berserker character, they manage to hop directly over an allied Conquerer’s whirlwind swinging mace attack with perfect timing. Whether an accident or not, the Redditor was truly on the receiving end of some hitbox hoodoo, as have been those who managed to avoid getting struck while using any emote that causes the Samurai, Knight, and Viking class fighters to kneel.

TheRealCrayfish's feat is definitely interesting to see in action, but some For Honor fans might be quick to dub the ability to purchase the "Flip Out" emote and use it in combat as a dodge as a byproduct of a pay-to-win strategy. However, it's important to stress how difficult it is to pull off as an actual useful way to evade incoming attacks.

After all, it's hard enough playing through For Honor using its base abilities without encountering lags or server issues, much less being able to expertly time a slow-loading emote to dodge the swing of a soldier's weapon. In truth, should there be players who manage to master emote dodging in the hack-and-slash game, then more power to them.

So, whether For Honor players are able to execute an immaculately timed backflip dodge with the game's Berserker character or elude the swing of another fighter's weapon on the battlefield while taking a knee as the heavyweight Shugoki samurai, fans should expect to see this phenomenon crop up at least once during future matches. However, it's important for them to realize that there's a definitely learning curve involved if one wishes to incorporate emote dodging into their skill set.

For Honor is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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