For Honor: It Can Cost Players Over $700 to Unlock Everything In-Game

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Anyone that's played a multiplayer-focused Ubisoft game recently can attest that the company has been aggressively pushing for revenue through microtransactions. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege was one such title to emphasize a digital, in-game marketplace, and now the melee-centric For Honor is the latest to embrace paid-for aesthetic content. Given that in-game transactions are such a polarizing affair, this has lead to some controversy within the title's fan base – resulting in one gamer calculating the cost attached to purchasing all of the content found within For Honor. The total expense? A whopping $732 USD.

Reddit user bystander007 calculated how much players would have to cough up in exchange for all of the game's content. Utilizing the in-game currency known as steel (5,000 of which retails for $4.99 USD), bystander007 established that it takes precisely 91,500 steel in order to earn all of the unlocks for a single warrior. Taking into account that there are currently 12 of them, this brings the total amount of steel required to 1,098,000. Finally, knowing this number, it would take 7.32 steel packs worth $100 USD each in order to amass enough faux funds to deck out For Honor's warriors with every single garment or pose.

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There's no getting around the fact that this is a rather pretty penny for fans hoping to give their favorite vikings/samurais/knights every available option, but users should know that they can actually amass steel just by playing and completing daily Orders and bi-daily Contracts as well. Those hoping to collect all of the gear through this process, however, will have to put in an absurd amount of time to secure everything. Running through the math, bystander007 estimated that (if casual players hopped on for one to two hours a day, five to seven days a week) For Honor would have to be played for 2.51 years just to get all of the base game content.

"Casual players would spend nearly 2.51 years trying to get all unlocks. And hardcore grind player's would need to spend close to 326.37 days. This equation ignores disconnects, down servers, and all DLC/Update content. So the new emotes, effects, ornaments, and future hero costs are not factored in. Meaning the grind for additional (non-base game content) would require far more time," stated bystander007.

That's a lot of time dedicated to playing one game, although Ubisoft certainly seems keen on planning for the future of the product – with sales being quite steady thus far. For Honor topped sales charts for the month of February 2017, which is a great first step to building an audience for a brand new IP. With that said, For Honor is said to have lost 50% of its player base on Steam already, which would indicate that players are less than stimulated by the finished game.

For Honor is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit (via PC Gamer)

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