With just more than a month until For Honor‘s launch, Ubisoft is announcing a brief closed beta starting January 26 with a trailer titled ‘The Thin Red Path.’

Since its announcement at E3 in 2015, Ubisoft’s upcoming online multiplayer action title For Honor has been one of the most anticipated games. With just over a month remaining before the game launches across all platforms, Ubisoft is revealing some final plans. As all multiplayer games deserve, Ubisoft will be holding a short closed beta for For Honor. It’s being called the ‘War of the Factions,’ a three-day closed beta across all platforms, and it starts on January 26, so make sure to register as soon as possible.

For Honor‘s closed beta was announced via a brand new cinematic trailer. Titled “The Thin Red Path,” the trailer alludes to the path a soldier must take into battle:

“Honor. What do you know about honor? You, who has never faced true fear. Learn what honor is before pretending you are a warrior. Know this, before you step onto that thin red path, no misstep is allowed. The path that only ends when your legs fail to support you, and your heart stops beating. The path where sadness goes along with pain and where glory is the color of blood. This narrow path only goes one way, a way covered with enemies and brothers. And it will take you with no shame into the hands of death for the name you were given and for your descendants. For honor.

While not a direct reference, the title perhaps alludes to the book and subsequent movies titled The Thin Red Line. The Thin Red Line term used in the books and movies is a metaphor for the teetering existence of soldiers as just regular men, not heroes or villains, dealing with the horrors of war alone. While the voiceover of the trailer takes the idea in a different direction, the visuals throughout as well as the tone of the trailer could easily be seen as reference to the book.

The cinematic trailer closes out with the For Honor closed beta announcement, later extrapolated on by an official post with more information. The closed beta officially begins on January 26 and will run for just three days, ending on January 29. It will go live across all platforms for the three-day period, and involve a cross-platform meta event called the War of the Factions.┬áTo get into the beta, players will have to register through the official For Honor website and with luck they’ll be chosen.

Regarding the For Honor closed beta meta event – the War of the Factions – Ubisoft will track victories across all platforms. Rewards will be given to players for representing their chosen factions, with additional rewards given to players in the faction with the most victories. There will also be rewards given to all players simply for participating in the closed beta. All rewards will carry over to the full game come launch. Who will win between the samurai, viking and knight factions?

For Honor is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting February 16. The closed beta will begin on January 26 and end on January 29.