For Honor Breach Mode Trailer Revealed


While Ubisoft revealed some new games that were coming out in their E3 2018 press conference, the studio also announced that it was still supporting current games. One of those games being For Honor, which will be receiving an update this fall that will add new content.

The new content update coming to For Honor is titled Marching Fire and will add four new warriors from the Wu Lin faction, which are based off Chinese warriors. Not only will new warriors be coming, but a whole new PvP game mode called Breach is making its way to the game, as well. Ubisoft showed a little bit of this new mode off with a trailer.

The mode will be 4v4 and will be a castle siege, which Ubisoft has stated many fans have been requesting, and will be part of the Marching Fire update coming in October. Of course, this means one team will be defending their stronghold while the other tries to break through its defenses to sack it. The trailer shows off some medieval siege engines being used by the invading force. These included siege towers and large battering rams to break down the castle gates.

The defenders won't be without their own devices, though. There were glimpses of a ballista, which is basically a giant mounted crossbow, being used to mow down invaders. At one point, the defending team even poured what looked to be cauldron of burning liquid down on the unfortunate soldiers manning one of the battering rams as it tried to break down the gates.

For those still on the fence about trying For Honor out, Ubisoft made another surprising announcement. PC players will be able to pick the Starter Edition of the game up for free using the UPlay platform. That edition is usually about $15. Those interested have until June 18th to take advantage of that offer and once downloaded, it will stay in users' UPlay libraries. This means it can still be played after June 18th without having to pay anything. That is, of course, unless players want to use real money to purchase in-game currency to unlock in-game items like warriors quicker.

For Honor is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One with the Marching Fire updated releasing October 16th, 2018.

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