Ubisoft reveals the extent of content available for the upcoming closed beta of For Honor, with beta players given access to nine types of hero, with three for each faction.

Plenty of gamers were already very excited about the release of Ubisoft’s melee action title For Honor, and that was before the game’s upcoming closed beta was announced. Running from January 26 to January 29, the closed beta will give players a chance to see the game in action, and better get an idea of how development has gone on the title. As it turns out, this beta will actually offer up a rather large amount of content to players.

According to Ubisoft, which has released a new trailer for For Honor in advance of the game’s testing period, the beta will actually offer up a full nine hero types to beta testers. These will be available across each of the factions, with Viking players having the chance to play as a Raider, Berserker, or Warlord, and Knights having access to Conqueror, Warden, and Peacekeeper. Meanwhile, the Samurai heroes available are Orochi, Kensei, and Nobushi.

Somewhat impressively, this will give beta players access to nearly all of the twelve hero types, meaning that gamers will be able to check out exactly how certain heroes play in this hugely anticipated game. Of course, this will also help Ubisoft, with gamers able to make the development team know about any last minute tweaks required prior to the game’s full release on February 14. Those interested in seeing the beta trailer in action can do so below.

As well as these hero types, three of the game’s multiplayer game modes will also be available for players. The Dominion game mode, which is 4v4, will be playable, as well as the 1v1 Duel mode and the 2v2 Brawl mode. The game’s ‘Faction War’ mode will also be available in the beta, which keeps track of all victories and defeats across the entire user base.

For many of the beta players, the hope will be that not only is the game an enjoyable experience, but that some amendments could be made to make the game an even better one for its actual release. Thankfully, previous tests of the game have suggested that Ubisoft is keeping track of how to improve the overall game, as shown with the adjustments made after the game’s alpha, so it’s likely that minor tweaks could also be implemented – or at least considered – based on beta feedback.

Of course, there’s more than just online multiplayer gameplay that appeals when it comes to For Honor. Although many were disappointed when local splitscreen was dropped, the game’s campaign is looking sharp, with lots of praise coming from previews of For Honor‘s single player campaign. Here’s hoping that the title lives up to the quality shown thus far.

For Honor is scheduled to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 14. The closed beta will begin on January 26 and end on January 29, with beta registration still open.