For Honor is under a week away from release, and Ubisoft is celebrating by unleashing a massive multiplayer battle upon Canada this weekend, with Toronto taking center stage.

Now that For Honor is just under a week away from release, talk has shifted from whether or not the game will be playable to whether or not it will be the multiplayer hit of the year. For Honor‘s unique blend of massive multiplayer warfare and intimate, one-on-one combat systems has made it a hit with fans of multiple genres, and that appeal will likely make it a game to watch. While popularity upon release is no guarantee of success – just look at another Ubisoft game, The Division, which is finally beginning to rebound after a rocky post-launch period – it certainly goes a long way in keeping a multiplayer game growing and healthy, and For Honor has been ramping up media events in an effort to hook gamers now.

Fresh off a Clueless Gamer session that featured Conan O’Brien and five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady playing For Honor, Ubisoft is once again thrusting its faction warfare title into the spotlight with another media campaign. This time, however, Ubisoft is offering gamers the chance to become For Honor celebrities themselves this Saturday on February 11, when Canadian players will be given the chance to show off their combat skills in For Honor‘s Battle for Canada event.

The Battle for Canada will take place across the entire country, where gamers will be able to use their phones as a weapon and “watch the battle unfold online”. For Honor fans will be tasked with wielding their phones like a virtual sword, making slashing movements to recreate the combat moves that are frequently showcased in For Honor‘s faction warfare. Warriors will score points for their faction of choice based upon their range, speed, and force of strikes.

Ubisoft will also be providing an interactive map on, a website that will track the three armies battling for Canadian supremacy in real time. For Honor will also invade Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square, the hub of the city’s downtown, with a billboard that will track the battle while also providing shout outs to the best warriors from each faction. Ubisoft has also promised that the most memorable warriors will be featured in an “animated trailer after the battle”, though it is unclear just what that entails at this time.

for honor combat knight samurai

While these kinds of marketing campaigns used to be commonplace in the industry, a lot of publishers have scaled back the size of events like the one For Honor will be hosting this weekend. It’s encouraging, then, to see Ubisoft so confident in the publisher’s newest IP, and the Battle for Canada should turn a few more heads before For Honor’s release and post-launch content schedule do the bulk of the work in enticing new players to join the battle.

For Honor releases on February 14, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.