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A week after it was launched on PC, For Honor patch 1.03 is now also available for players who own the medieval fighting game on PS4 and Xbox. The reason the patch was delayed for the Sony and Microsoft consoles was due to some certification issues, but For Honor fans should be able to automatically download the update from around 8 a.m. EST. The estimated size is about 4GB.

For Honor patch 1.03 addresses several balance issues between classes, with the Valkyrie getting buffed across the board and so make the class a bit more attractive for players. Another hero that gets some love in the update is the Peacekeeper, whose performance up to now was barred by some serious bugs surrounding his ability to make opponents bleed. Bleeding damage has not only been buffed a little, but now also stacks, making the Peacekeeper a duelist to reckon with.

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The Orochi and the Berserker's area-of-effect attacks should now also be bug-free, making them the mob killers they were designed to be in the first place, as are their trap abilities, which didn't always fire if their opponents had the bad grace to stop moving. As for more general changes to the gameplay of For Honor, the biggest is likely the return of the guardbreak mechanic to the way it worked in beta, allowing players to counterbreak their opponents rather than stand there like a training dummy getting pummeled on.

Also fixed are some camera clipping issues, which caused the nearest wall to occasionally obstruct players' field of view while performing an execution. Ubisoft in the patch notes also states that many smaller, miscellaneous bugs have been patched as well, though did not specify any details. All in all, PS4 and Xbox gamers will likely be very happy to know that all classes are equally viable from today onward and should hopefully give them, too, some variation in For Honor's hack 'n slash melee.

For Honor is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG247.

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