For Honor Alpha Statistics Reveal Most Played Character Class and More


For Honor producer Stephane Cardin reveals some interesting alpha statistics and a number of tweaks and changes coming to the game based on player feedback.

The alpha test that ran last month for the upcoming brawler, For Honor, was a massive success for Ubisoft. Even with just a small slice of the content available to players, the weekend test managed to become the biggest in company history, even beating out major games on Twitch such as World of WarcraftCounter-Strike, and Dota 2. With the alpha test now firmly in the rear view mirror, Ubisoft has released a few statistics based on player behavior and a detailed plan of how the game is changing based on feedback.

On average, most players spent 4 hours and 38 minutes through the entire alpha test weekend, though players who jumped in on day one rise the average to 6 hours and 19 minutes. The quick hitting Orochi proved to be the favorite class, leading the way with 30% followed by the Knight Warden at 22% and the Raider rounding out the top three at 16%. The 4v4 Dominion mode was also the most popular playlist coming in with a 55% selection rate, while the 2v2 Brawl mode was selected 24% of the time and 1v1 Duel just missing out, landing in third at 21%.


The progression system was also touched on a bit as only 5% of players were able to reach level 21 or higher with a single character. In a very impressive feat, the user known as ReReminiscence was able to reach level 121 (Reputation 6) with the Orochi class. Shockingly, that player played approximately 53 hours within that four day span in order to accomplish that.

With all this new feedback and insight into player behavior, Ubisoft revealed how the team is updating the experience based on the testing. The learning curve is getting re-examined as players mentioned that some things were hidden behind overly obtuse menus or just not well explained, such as the revenge mode when facing off against multiple enemies. The data also revealed that the rewards system and steel currency were a bit more stingy than originally conceived.

While multiplayer has been a main focus of For Honor up to this point, Ubisoft has made sure to clarify that the single-player campaign should not be overlooked and is a full experience, letting players step into the boots of all three factions in this lengthy story-driven mode. Fans saw a small portion of this in an impressive cinematic trailer revealing the long struggle over resources between the three factions during the centuries and perpetuated by a mysterious enemy known as Apollyon.

If you were part of the alpha test, what were your impressions of the game? Do your thoughts line up with the statistics above? Leave us a comment down below.

For Honor launches on February 14, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: UbiBlog

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