Football Manager 2011 Has Been Unveiled

Football Manager 2011 Announcement

Sports Interactive and Sega of America have just made a lot of people very happy with their unveiling of Football Manager 2011. This new entry in the Football Manager series will include tons of exciting and creative new features that will have you become a more efficient and effective soccer manager. For those who are not familiar with the Football Manager series, it is a football (Soccer) management simulation video game.

Miles Jacobson, who is the Studio Director at Sports Interactive went over a few of the highlight features. One of the key features that will be coming to the new entry in the series will be contract negotiation, which will actually take place in real-time. Agents were first put into the Football Manager series back with the release of  Football Manager 2005 but now they have been expanded upon, such as an increased selection of agent types. The agent types negotiate contracts in many different ways. Examples of this feature would be that one agent type could come to you, the manger, with a blank page for negotiations, one could come with demands that are too high, while one could have a decent middle-ground with their negotiations. There will be five different agent types in total, and Sports Interactive has really shown that they are going for authenticity because they worked with a bunch of agents and chief executives from inside the world of soccer.

Training in the game has gotten a revamp starting with the training mode being easier to use, but at the same more in depth for the veteran players. There are 14 different extra individual training areas that you are able to focus on as well as an enhanced match preparation mode. Using that mode will allow you to train on a specific area to prepare for matches with the addition of training players in specific formations.

Other features that were unveiled include 'Private Conversations' with your own players that will add a whole new level of interaction and also the ability to make requests to the board about a variety of topics. The media module, which keeps you updated with the events taking place in the soccer world has become easier to use and is more customizable than before.

Here's a trailer featuring some new features you'll see in Football Manager 2011:


If you were wondering where and when you can find out more of the features of Football Manager 2011, they will be announced via Sports Interactive's Twitter account, Facebook page, a series of blogs and the Football Manager Podcast leading up to the release of the game.

This new Football Manager entry certainly has come on a long way and seems to be more focused on offering better interactivity, a deeper sense of immersion along with an experience unlike anything previously offered in earlier titles within the series. What are your thoughts on this latest addition, Ranters? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below!

Football Manager 2011 is scheduled to be released before Christmas 2010 on the PC, Mac and PSP (via download only).

Source: SIGamesOfficial

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