When they are not taking jabs at Microsoft’s controversial Xbox One DRM reversals, Sony has kept busy with a steady stream of clever advertising and announcements ahead of the PS4 launch on November 15, 2013. Recently, the publisher teased some of the blockbuster experiences that will be arriving exclusively on PlayStation 4 with a musical teaser trailer featuring live-action recreations of fan-favorite game worlds (most notably Killzone: Shadow Fall).

Today, the focus has shifted to the PS4’s indie offerings, hailed as a major selling point for the next-generation console, with the reveal that four critically acclaimed PS3 and Vita titles have  been remastered for the PS4 – and set for release within two weeks of the hardware launch.

According to the European PlayStation Blog, Santa Monica Studio has helped upgrade Flower, flOw, Escape Plan, and Sound Shapes for the PS4. Escape Plan, for example, has been updated to work with the new DualShock 4 controller and Flower now runs in full 1080p at 60 frames-per-second.

Check out the trailer, showcasing the titles in full next-generation fidelity, below:

In addition, the video and blog post both indicate that the four titles will soon be featured as part of the PlayStation Network’s cross-buy offerings – meaning that anyone who purchases one version of the game (PS3, PS4, or Vita) will also be able to download the same title free-of-charge on the other platforms. NOTE: Escape Plan is the only title that will not be available on all three platforms – as it will not arrive on PS3. In this case, the offer is also retroactive, meaning that anyone who has already purchased one of the titles for the PS3 or Vita will be able to opt-into the cross-buy promotion once the game has been added to the PS4 store.

In North America, Flower and Sound Shapes are scheduled to release alongside the PS4 on November 15 – with flOw and Escape Plan set for a November 29 debut. That said, Sony does not specify whether or not save data will be transferable – but, given that the titles were not developed for all three platforms concurrently, it’s likely that the games are merely cross-buy not cross-platform.

While PS4 gamers may have to wait for thatgamecompany to port their latest hit, Journey, over to Sony’s new console, the studio’s prior titles, Flower and flOw both offered unique and evocative game experiences on the PS3 – while Escape Plan and Sound Shapes have been go-to games for anyone who picked up a Vita. Sony is making indie gaming a major priority on the PS4 – so it’s no surprise to see the company reinvesting in some of their best selections. All four are solid examples of the diverse and rich indie experiences that are becoming an increasing focus in the industry – to be paired with triple-A titles that push the boundaries of photorealism in gaming.

Escape Plan Game PS4

Now that Santa Monica Studio is refitting these titles for the PS4, it’ll be interesting to see if other developers follow suit – bringing other acclaimed titles, such as Thomas Was Alone, to the next-generation hardware too. Regardless, if Sony’s E3 presentation is any indication, indie game fans have a lot of reason to be excited for the projects in development for the PS4.


Flower and Sound Shapes release with the PS4 on November 15. flOw and Escape Plan will follow two weeks later on November 29.

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Source: Sony