Florida Man Threatens People With Sword Over Games Console Power Outage

Floria man large sword games console power switched off

A Florida man has been arrested after threatening people with a sword after the power was turned off and it disrupted his gaming session, say police. The incident is one of several strange gaming crimes to come out of the Sunshine State, as one Florida man got five years in prison after being caught on video stealing a Nintendo Switch games console while dressed in his work uniform.

The Brevard County Sherriff's office says that 24 year old Siler Elroy Ballard has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault after pulling a large sword on his family members and a handyman. The handyman had turned off power to the barn where Ballard was playing on his games console and this caused some damage to the games console. Upset with this, Ballard grabbed his sword and began to yell threats. Ballard's father says that his son said "I am going to kill you" while brandishing the dangerous weapon.

Deputies from the sheriff's office surrounded the barn after Ballard locked himself in. However, the suspect did come outside where he was then arrested. The deputies went into the barn and found the sword lying on Ballard's bed, though Ballard denies that he threatened his family or the handyman doing work on the property.

Floria man large sword games console power switched off

The story of this Florida man and his sword is one of several news stories about people going to extreme measures when their gaming sessions have been interrupted or haven't gone their way. In April, a Tennessee man body slammed a woman after the two got into an argument and she unplugged his video game console. He was later charged with domestic assault.

In January, a man in Malaysia assaulted a teenager after the teen kept beating his son at a video game. The man had bribed the teen to let his son win but, after the teen still won the next round, the man beat him up.

Positively, in this case with the Florida man and Ballard's family, no one was hurt. Other gaming crime incidents, such as this story about an 11 year old fighting off a thief with a machete, had violence and hospital visits. The family had been concerned that Ballard would have used the weapon to harm them, but it seems that things did not escalate to that and deputies were able to take him into custody before things got worse. Ballard is now being held at the Brevard County Jail Complex.

Source: Florida Today

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