New footage from a cancelled game based on The Flash appears online, giving fans of the beloved DC Comics hero a chance to see what might have been had development continued.

Whether it be the highs of Batman: Arkham City or the lows of Superman 64, video games based on characters from DC Comics have had a wildly different reception over the years. As well as this, there have been numerous games based on characters from the DC universe that have been cancelled halfway through development, with one notable example being that of an open world game of The Flash. Now, some more details from this cancelled game has appeared online.

This additional information and footage from the game comes courtesy of Unseen64, which promptly shared it online. The game was being created by developer BottleRocket Entertainment, and was due for release in 2009 on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Unfortunately, the title would never see the light of day, in spite of the early promise that the game showed.

The Flash certainly showed a good level of quality from what could be seen of it, delivering an open world game where the player was able to zip around Central City and Keystone City and fight enemies such as Captain Cold. Meanwhile, the art style of the game had a unique quality of its own, apparently inspired by the likes of The Incredibles and Mirror’s Edge, and BottleRocket apparently even wanted Ryan Reynolds to voice the lead character. Those interested in seeing the full video on the game’s development, and cancellation, can do so below.

Unfortunately, the game was not to be as publisher Brash Entertainment saw financial collapse in 2008. The closure of Brash Entertainment caused the cancellation of the project in 2008, as well as another DC Comics project based on Superman. This collapse would also eventually lead to the end of BottleRocket Entertainment, too, which officially closed its doors in 2009.

This was not the only comic adaptation that BottleRocket had been working on, either. The developer had spent a long time in pre-production on a game based on Watchmen, the seminal work by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, but delays in receiving the contract to work on the game led to it being shelved and work beginning on The Flash instead. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for comic book fans, with neither title ever seeing release, and Watchmen fans receiving the sub-par Watchmen: The End is Nigh instead.

Thankfully, the state of comic book games in general seems to have improved since 2009, although it may not seem that way after the rumored cancellation of a Suicide Squad video game. Nonetheless, many DC Comics characters have made their way into video games in some way, shape, or form, partly thanks to the well-received Injustice: Gods Among Us. With Injustice 2 set for release next year, fans of The Flash will be able to see Barry Allen in action once more – and who knows, perhaps characters from Watchmen will join him.