'Flappy Bird' Returns in 'Flappy Birds Family'; Exclusive to Amazon

Flappy Birds Family Released

About a month after taking Flappy Bird down from all mobile app stores, creator Dong Nguyen teased the hugely popular game might return. Now, some six months later Flappy Bird is back and he/she has brought a few friends along.

Also as Nguyen promised, this new iteration of Flappy Bird, titled Flappy Birds Family, includes a multiplayer mode and new obstacles for players to avoid. However, few will be able to enjoy these new features, as Flappy Birds Family is currently an Amazon Fire TV exclusive.

While Nguyen did share a few quotes about Flappy Bird's return, he did not say why the game is only available on the Fire TV's Android app store. Moreover, the developer did not reveal when, or even if, the game might become available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Regardless, this is seemingly a huge "get" for Amazon, who have been trying to make a name for themselves in the gaming market. The recent unveiling of the Amazon Fire TV was supposed to be the company's major play for casual gamers, but the device did little to generate enthusiasm. However, now that the game is the sole proprietor of the Flappy Bird experience — aside from those devices that never deleted the original game — Amazon may have found its first major selling point.

Amazon Fire TV Beauty Shot

In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Amazon approached Nguyen and offered him a healthy sum in exchange for the exclusivity deal. The original Flappy Bird was a huge moneymaker, generating almost $50,000-per-day, so it stands to reason that Flappy Birds Family could make any publisher a healthy sum.

Although we thought the Flappy Bird story couldn't get any stranger, this Flappy Birds Family exclusivity news proves us completely wrong. Clearly, somebody still thinks there's value in the flash-in-the-pan mobile game, and they were willing to play top dollar for it.

It's worth pointing out, though, that a lot has changed since Flappy Bird's rise to fame. What was once novel is now old hat thanks to a hundred or so Flappy Bird clones. Even the new features that Flappy Birds Family offers have been tried in different games. To put it bluntly, most of the world has moved on from Flappy Bird. And those who didn't, likely don't own an Amazon Fire TV.

Do you think Flappy Bird still has a fan base? Do you hope the game branches out to more platforms?

Flappy Birds Family is available now exclusively on the Amazon Fire TV.


Source: IGN

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