'Flappy Bird' Returns in August With Multiplayer

After a several month hiatus it appears the cultural phenomenon known as Flappy Bird is ready to make a comeback. And he's bringing a few friends with him.

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen tells CNBC that his wildly popular mobile game, which has since spawned thousands of clones, will return in August. What's more, Nguyen reveals that this revamped version of the game will include a new multiplayer mode.

For those who haven't been following the saga of Flappy Bird allow us to clue you in. It all started a few months ago, when a, at the time, 5-month-old game called Flappy Bird caught steam on the iOS and Android stores. Some lauded the endless runner game for its addictive nature, while others lambasted its broken collision detection and plagiarized art style.

Still, Flappy Bird became a huge success and with that success came a lot of undue stress for Dong Nguyen. Apparently, the developer was regularly receiving death threats, and it became such a problem that he decided it best to remove Flappy Bird from the app stores. At first, it just seemed like Nguyen was trying to make a point, but then Flappy Bird disappeared and so did its developer.


After some time, though, Nguyen returned to the limelight, albeit briefly, to explain his side of the Flappy Bird story. He also teased that the mobile game might return, but qualified that tease with "not soon."

It appears, however, that "not soon" is upon us, and Flappy Bird is poised to make a return. Obviously, with several months having passed, and a lot of Flappy Bird's popularity gone, it's hard to predict how successful the game will be on its own. Luckily, Nguyen is adding something pretty clever to the mix in the form of multiplayer. Unfortunately, his interview doesn't shed any light on how multiplayer in this new Flappy Bird incarnation will work, but we suspect it will be similar in style to the Flappy Bird MMO that's floating around.

Aside from that, details are hard to come by because Nguyen is clearly a private person. He did confirm he has a few other gamesin development, including a game where you jump between buildings. Sounds like another endless runner, if you ask us.

Are you excited for the return of Flappy Bird? How would you like to see the mobile game use multiplayer?


Source: CNBC's Kelly Evans

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