GR Pick: 'Grand Theft Auto 4' Gets 'Flappy Bird' Mod

Flappy Bird Mod Grand Theft Auto 4


Okay, now this is just getting silly.

In what appears to be a regular stream of Flappy Bird-related material, the latest entry in the growing list just might be the most creative. Or, at the very least, one of the silliest.

As readers can see in the above video, one clever group of Grand Theft Auto 4 modders has found a way to take the basic concepts of Flappy Bird and introduce them into the PC version of Rockstar Games' open world crime game. They've even included the game's simplistic sound effects for some added color.

How the mod works is pretty simple. A player, as Flappy Bird/Niko Bellic is skyrocketed into the air, and they can only progress forward (still in the air) through short upward bursts. Essentially, it's the Flappy Bird motion, only recreated by a virtual human…and with actual video game physics.

What makes things a little more interesting is the fact that the player must land, and crush, human NPCs in order to keep their score going. Every NPC the player crushes counts as a point, king of like passing through the pipes in actual Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird Mod Grand Theft Auto 4

After the Flappy Bird mobile title rocketed to the top of the iOS App Store charts many looked at the game as nothing more than a simple, yet addictive, fad. But, when the game's developer revealed he was going to pull his game from all app stores, people started taking notice. Then, things got a little out of control.

Without Flappy Bird on the menu, many developers did their best to imitate the game, while still making sure they weren't outright copying the thing. Even with so many great endless runners out there, casual gamers were still flocking to these Flappy Bird clones in the hope of duplicating that experience. So much so, that even modders like these responsible for this have tried to find ways to bring Flappy Bird to more complex games. Check out this Flappy Bird game in Minecraft for another example.

Obviously, the Flappy Bird craze will die out, but right now people are still finding ways to keep this fad going. And, to be honest, we're a little curious to see what comes next.

What do you think of this Flappy Bird mod? Are you surprised that the Flappy Bird fad is still going?


Source: YouTube

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