The Nintendo 3DS will officially be dropping its price in two days to a much more modest $169.99 – and to ensure that the handheld is a “hot seller,”¬†Nintendo has announced plans to release a new Flame Red Nintendo 3DS. The latest color has been available in Japan since last month, and now North American consumers will soon be able to get-in on the new flaming-hot variant.

The Big N announced today that the Flame Red 3DS will be available on September 9th, and it will join the currently existing Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black colors.¬†Conveniently, this happens to be the exact same day that¬†Star Fox 64 3D is scheduled to hit retailers, so consumers who planned on picking up the handheld for that game will be able to grab the brand new color and then proceed to rub it in their friends’ faces.

Variety is certainly the spice of life, and now that the 3DS is available in three colors there is sure to be a hue that appeals to the medley of gamers out there. It would be nice if the new SKU came bundled with a 3DS game, or even preloaded with some cool software, but a new color will have to suffice for the time being.

It’s nice to see that Nintendo is really trying to expand the appeal of the 3DS after a less-than-stellar number of sales. A new color certainly won’t completely turn things around for the portable, but its release is pretty much set to capitalize on the crowd of new consumers that will be brought-in by the device’s appealing new price tag.

Big-name titles such as Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D World, and Pokemon Rumble Blast are all set to hit retailers later this year, and it seems like Nintendo has all the right cards it need to achieve success with the 3DS.

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