'Firewatch' Debut Trailer Features Stunning Visuals & Mysterious Teases

Firewatch Debut Trailer


Given that almost a dozen games have been delayed to 2015, no one would fault you for saying the year is already overcrowded. From Batman to The Order, next year promises the never-ending stream of content that we initially hoped this year would offer. But with that will come a lot of games that end up slipping through the cracks, many of which might actually be worth a closer look.

One of those games that has instantly skyrocketed to the top of that "you have to see this" list is Firewatch from developer Campo Santo Games. Initially unveiled in March of this year, Firewatch is a first person action game with a sharp visual style and a somewhat mysterious central concept. And thanks to the reveal trailer above, it has already become one of our most anticipated games for 2015.

While firm details are obviously slim, the Firewatch trailer still establishes this world very well. Players will take control of Henry, a member of "the Watch" whose only interaction (that we see) is with a character named Delilah.

As Henry ventures out into the world, the Firewatch trailer highlights the stunning art design of Olly Moss, who many will know for his iconic posters and box art. Visually, Firewatch has a familiar overall aesthetic, but it still feels fresh and unique.

Firewatch Debut Trailer

Also of note is the game's animation, which appears to feature dynamic interactions with Henry's surroundings. The subtle way Henry brushes aside a tree branch or blocks out the sun may get old after the fifth time we see it, but it will likely be those finer details that help Firewatch stand out.

Although this is the first development effort for Campo Santo, the various team members have a solid resume working on projects for Telltale Games, 2K Marin, Double Fine, and Klei. In other words, these folks know how to deliver story-driven experiences with unique gameplay, and by all accounts Firewatch appears to be that. There's obviously still a lot more we have to learn about Firewatch before forming a full opinion, but for a first tease this game looks to be something special.

What do you think of the first trailer for Firewatch? What details are you most intrigued by?

Firewatch releases in 2015 for PC and Mac.


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