A Firewatch developer posts some clips of Firewatch from a third person view, and things quickly get weird with Hank once players leave the intended perspective.

Firewatch was one of our most anticipated games leading into the year, and ended up being a very captivating mystery title. Now that the game has been out for a few days and the overall reception has been positive, the developers are evidently a little more at-ease, and have been posting more casually about the title. Today, this meant a hilarious series of Firewatch clips posted to Twitter which show the game as it was never meant to be seen.

As it turns out, as soon as one leaves the intended first person perspective of the game and looks at Firewatch from a third person perspective, things get creepy at a very fast rate. Artist Olly Moss, who worked on designing assets for Firewatch, recently started tweeting portions of the game from this perspective, and the results are truly stunning.

Whether these clips are hilariously good or hilariously bad is still up for debate, but gamers should feast their eyes on the glorious figure of Hank below before making their judgment call:

Plenty of first person titles actually look pretty ridiculous when viewed from other perspectives, but we have to give props to Campo Santo for including Henry’s backpack on the model. It’s a completely unnecessary thing to include his first person perspective, but it completely makes the above videos so much better.

Players will walk many a mile in Hank’s boots, placing themselves into the mind of a man who thought that a summer spent working in Wyoming National Park would help take his mind off of recent events. As one might expect, things don’t get according to plan in the character-driven story of Firewatch plays out.

We recently held an interview with the voice of Delilah, who may have instigated a rule of strict radio silence had she known what Hank really looked like on the other end. As horrifying as he may look as he waltzes around the forest, the game provides some truly gorgeous scenery for players to explore, and not even an apparently-pirouetting Hank can take that away from Campos Santo’s work.

Firewatch was the debut game for the San Francisco-based studio indie studio, who aimed to provide a striking aesthetic that would separate Firewatch from the rest of the market. The game certainly looked gorgeous in our 6-hour playthrough, although the title did have some framerate issues on the PS4. We’d recommend those who want to take a trek into Firewatch do so on PC.

What did you think about Firewatch, Ranters?

Firewatch is currently available for PC and PS4.

Source: Twitter