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Most of the time when an independent developer rips off a video game, the original developer files a lawsuit and walks away. However that doesn’t seem to be the style of Cabel Sasser, the publisher of Firewatch who took to Twitter to troll developer Albert Gavril’s mobile title New Firewatch, a ripoff of last year’s Firewatch.

As can be seen in the Twitter post below, Sasser’s troll was presented in the form of a two-minute Let’s Play, where Sasser sets out to explore the world of New Firewatch. The mobile game quickly breaks down, though, as Sasser shows off the game-breaking bugs in New Firewatch.

The end result is a humorous, showing off how bad the copycat title is. We won’t ruin the ending for those who want to check it out, but needless to say, New Firewatch won’t be overtaking Firewatch anytime soon in either revenue or popularity.

In fact, Firewatch recently passed one million sales and has been optioned for a movie. Getting the film treatment is usually something reserved for major titles and franchises like Assassin’s Creed, DOOM, and The Division. But it seems the impressive storytelling and world of Firewatch has drawn the attention of movie execs.

Firewatch has been highly praised for its unique art as much as its storytelling. Even Ford was impressed enough with the game's artwork that it stole a piece of the game's art for a car advertisement.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will be stealing the artwork of New Firewatch, especially now that it’s been removed from the App Store per Campo Santo’s content dispute claim. Sadly, that means no one else will get to experience the painful playthrough described and shown by Sasser.

Hopefully, along with publishing impressive indie games, Sasser will try his hand at regular Let’s Play videos. The brief New Firewatch playthrough is entertaining and definitely wins the award for best video game troll of the week.

For those who want the real thing, Firewatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Cabel Sasser – Twitter

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