E3 2015: ‘Firewatch’ Coming to PlayStation 4 Later This Year

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One of the more appealing aspects of the PlayStation 4 are its indie games. What Sony lacks in big, AAA titles, it more than makes up for thanks to the vast library of indie games it’s constantly putting out. It would be accurate to say that the company has fully embraced indie developers and their games, and it definitely shows – from their constant appearances at Sony’s E3 press conferences, to the amount of smaller games released every month to PlayStation Plus members.

Indie games are here to stay on the PS4, and it doesn’t look like Sony intends to slow its momentum on that front, as demonstrated by their showing at the company’s E3 2015 conference last night, including the announcement that Firewatch (among many others games) will be making its way to the console sometime this year.

Firewatch was initially revealed last year, and will be the first game from relatively new studio, Campo Santo. In it, players take on the role of Henry, who has left his old life behind in favor of becoming a Wyoming forest fire lookout. What’s drawing the interest of a lot of players to this particular title are its gorgeous visuals and its dialogue-driven narrative. So far, trailers for the game have placed a heavy emphasis on the relationship between Henry and his supervisor Delilah.

Shortly after the game’s PS4 announcement, Campo Santo’s Chris Remo took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss Firewatch, and two questions the studio kept getting: “Why aren’t there any guns in your game?” and “Are you going to bring Firewatch to PS4?”

As far as the lack of guns goes, Remo explains that Firewatch just wouldn’t work with guns – their implementation would interfere with what the game is trying to do. It’s perfectly understandable, especially after seeing parts of the game in action. There are enough guns in video games these days, and adding them to Campo Santo’s first game would feel out of place.

Moving on to the PS4 release, the answer is equally simple: people kept asking for it; some even asked daily, as shown by a few tweets from fans of the upcoming game.

As Remo further explains:

“It’s no exaggeration to say that the flood of PS4 fan support across Twitter, Facebook, email, telegraph, and carrier pigeon was the single biggest factor that led to our decision to support the platform.

As a small independent team, we don’t have a lot of resources to spare, so we have to be sure we’re putting our game where people really want to play it. We’re pretty sure we made the right decision on this one, and we’re happy to be aboard.”

Firewatch doesn’t have a definitive launch date, but at least we have a 2015 game to look forward to amidst all the 2016 games we can’t play yet. Hopefully Campo Santo will announce a date soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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