Original ‘Firefly’ Cast Returns for ‘Firefly Online’

By | 2 years ago 

Occasionally a television or game series will come to an end long before it discovers its true potential. That’s definitely the case for the 2002 series Firefly, which was very successful at building a following, but only after it was cancelled.

Luckily, fans of the series were rewarded a few years later with a stand-alone movie, Serenity, which did very well when it released. The movie and show have continued to grow as a cult classic pair, so much so that developers Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug Games are developing a strategic role-playing game based on the Firefly franchise, and will be called Firefly Online.

If having Firefly Online wasn’t enough excitement by itself, the developers have revealed that Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Summer Glau will all be reprising their character roles and offering their voices to the game. The below videos give gamers a taste of the actors’ participation in the game, which is set to release sometime this Spring.

The introduction of Firefly Online should be well received by fans of the series who have been calling for its return since it ended. While there is still no word yet about whether or not the show will ever come back – many fans were hoping Netflix would step in to revive the show, though Netflix execs have said they have no plans to do so – at least fans are still getting something fresh and new to satisfy their passions for more Firefly content.

Based on descriptions of the game, it sounds like players can expect a few elements from the Mass Effect series. Players will be in charge of assembling a crew, completing missions, and trading with other players and NPCs. There will be a main storyline with plenty of branching side missions and stories.

We’ll be interested to see how much of the original Firefly story is included in Firefly Online, and where the iconic characters come into play. Hopefully, players will have an opportunity to revisit the characters they know and love, then chart out on their own to create unique continuing stories and endings.

For those who are looking to get a taste of the game before it releases, the developers have released the Cortex 2.0 app that provides news and updates on the game and gives players a chance to view the 3D map of ‘The Verse’, or in-game universe.

Firefly Online is set to release sometime in the next couple months for Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.

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