Firefight in Halo: Reach Detailed

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Halo: Reach has already had an enormous amount of spotlight and the game isn't even out yet. After a record breaking beta participation and loads of coverage, the buzz continues to grow. Not only has the space combat been detailed, but Bungie also elaborated on Firefight - a mode we wanted more of from in Halo 3: ODST.

Firefight is, in a nutshell, an up to 4-player co-op mode. The objective is to survive wave after wave of Covenant attacks and last as long as possible. Other titles have similar game modes - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a couple of challenges like this in their Spec Ops mode.

So what makes the reformed version of Firefight different in Halo: Reach?

Matchmaking is being introduced to Firefight. Instead of having to invite a few friends over to squeeze onto your sofa and jump into Firefight,  you can now link up with them online - or team up with other gamers. Also, filters can be set to team up with more social or more hardcore gamers, based on your preference.

On top of matchmaking, you will be able to create your own "Skulls" to customize the gameplay. Skulls are varied match conditions of your choice to create more (or less) of a challenge. Some examples are starting without shields, lower health, enemies impervious to headshots and minimum ammo. In turn, you can also modify the enemies aggressiveness, weapons and how heavy the waves are. All Skulls can be saved and shared with friends.

It seems Bungie listened to gamers opinions on how they wanted more out of the Firefight mode - now it will be more robust with more gameplay options. I think this is a truly welcomed addition to the Halo franchise, adding new options of battle into the universe. Matchmaking is a great addition - you can always anticipate the ability to get some rounds in without having to rely on your friends being available to play. Additionally, the Skulls are great to keep the game interesting by activating different challenges and keeping the experience ever-changing.

What do you guys think about Reach's Firefight mode?

Halo: Reach will crash land on shelves September 14th for Xbox 360.

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