Nintendo’s live event for their upcoming console, the Switch, revealed Fire Emblem Warriors amid a flurry of fresh, new titles coming to the console in the future.

During the Switch event, the next title in Nintendo’s popular tactical role-playing franchise was announced. A few brief moments of Fire Emblem Warriors was shown shortly after the Xenoblade Chronicles reveal trailer.

What the audience was presented offered very little in terms of what the game is about, but it definitely showed enough to grab their attention. It did this by providing a glimpse of the Fire Emblem series’ most recognizable artifact, the Fire Emblem shield itself. Afterwards, there was a flash of another noticeable item from the franchise, the Falchion sword. Both of these gave away the identity of the game immediately for keen-eyed fans, as was likely Nintendo’s intent.

fire emblem warriors falchion reveal trailer nintendo

After the short clip, the title was officially announced as Fire Emblem Warriors, but no more information on the game was shared. Though details were slim, one important aspect to note was the game’s title. While it was in no way confirmed, the title shares a similar name with Hyrule Warriors, which was a hack-and-slash game Nintendo made in collaboration with Koei Tecmo of Dynasty Warriors fame. Their joint project took the fast-paced, over the top action of Dynasty Warriors and mixed it with various heroes, villains, and quirky characters from The Legend of Zelda. 

It wasn’t overly polished and, while the idea of unleashing the powers of Hyrule’s finest against hordes of the series’ baddest villains sounds like fun, the gameplay itself did tend to get monotonous after a while. In small bursts or when playing co-op with friends, however, it was a blast. If Nintendo intends to follow a similar path with the Fire Emblem series, it could prove to be an enjoyable romp. Plus, the on-the-go style of gaming the Switch is pushing could also make for some interesting multiplayer options.

In addition to Fire Emblem Warriors, the Nintendo Switch event announced two big titles: Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2The presentation also offered an in-depth look into the Switch’s Joycon controllers and how their innovative design will change how games are played on the console. Finally, the event revealed an official release date and suggested retail price for the Switch.

While no release date or window was included with the announcement, there will likely be more news on Fire Emblem Warriors closer to the Switch’s launch this March.