Fire Emblem Warriors, the upcoming Dynasty Warriors-esque action game for the Nintendo Switch, will officially feature a 60 frames per second mode while docked. The game will typically run at a standard frame rate of 30fps at a resolution of 1080p, but the game’s Director, Hiroya Usada, revealed recently that a 60fps gameplay mode would also be available. In the 60fps mode the resolution will drop from 1080p to 720. But that’s a trade-off that many players will appreciate the option of.

Usada made the announcement in an interview with Japanese publication Nintendo Dream. He explained that the 1080p, 30fps mode was still the intended way to play Fire Emblem Warriors. 1080p being the visual standard the game was built around and the 720p mode simply being an alternative added later. While Usada didn’t elaborate on the reasons for the 60fps mode’s addition, it’s likely because he just assumed it’s something fans wouldn’t mind having the option of.

Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch 60fps Mode - Shield

Oddly enough the Nintendo Switch could enable this type of feature in more games in the future, despite being nonexistent on other console platforms. The reasons being the Nintendo Switch’s two hard-wire modes, docked and handheld. That is to say that developers are already developing two different graphical modes for their games already. It’s likely only an intuitive step to implement the 720p handheld mode while docked, then using extra power provided to increase the game’s frames per second.

But just because Fire Emblem Warriors has managed to create a 60fps mode that is still able to hit 720p doesn’t mean that every game can. It’d be great if the feature grew more popular, but it likely won’t. Not all games are optimized in such a way that they can scale so well between resolutions and frame rates, nor might studios have the budget to implement such a mode. The best things fans can do if 60fps modes are something they want is to make their voices heard by messaging studios on social media and buying games that implement the mode.

And just to clarify, the 60fps mode for Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay is only announced for the Nintendo Switch. Don’t expect it to be matched on the New Nintendo 3DS.

Fire Emblem Warriors releases later this year on the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Everything