While Nintendo may have had the shortest press conference at E3 2017 this year, it was laser focused on the Nintendo Switch. Fans got first looks at a number of unannounced titles such as Kirby and Metroid Prime 4 as well as upcoming titles including Fire Emblem Warriors. Originally revealed earlier this year as part of a Fire Emblem specific Nintendo Direct, this new trailer set up the story as well as show more in-game gameplay moments.

According to the trailer, the story focuses on a small kingdom that had been tasked with protecting a sacred dragon. Unfortunately, the town is attacked by an evil dragon which essentially leaves the land in a ruined state. Two new original characters, Lian and Zion, are sent to take back the village and put an end to the evil that now roams there. Of course, they won’t be alone as Fire Emblem Warriors also includes many familiar characters like Chrom, Ryoma, Corrin, Xander, and arguably the most recognizable hero from the franchise, Marth.

Quick shots of gameplay are shown towards the end of the trailer and should look familiar to anyone that played Nintendo and Koei Temco’s last collaboration, Hyrule Warriors. One thing the trailer didn’t reveal unfortunately was the actual release date. The more general time frame of Fall 2017 was again shown at the end, leaving fans to speculate when they will finally get their hands on the Team Ninja developed Switch title.

While fans now know the story behind the upcoming action title, there’s still a lot of details that Nintendo isn’t talking about quite yet. Considering the sizable roster put together for Hyrule Warriors, it shouldn’t be surprising to see a similar one available at launch with even more popular characters being added to the main roster such as Lucina, Robin, or Lyn.

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What did you think of the latest trailer? What other characters are you hoping to see in the final game? Sound off in the comments below.

Fire Emblem Warriors launches later this Fall for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.