Fire Emblem: Three Houses Update Adds Maddening Difficulty and More

fire emblem difficulty update

Players hoping for an extra challenge in their Fire Emblem: Three Houses playthroughs will get their wish as Nintendo has patched the game with a new, additional difficulty setting. The game also got some new DLC for the folks who have purchased an expansion pass.

When Fire Emblem: Three Houses launched back in July and players started tooling around the Garreg Mach Monastery and taking on battles across Fodlan, many found the normal difficulty very easy and the hard difficulty not much more challenging. As players moved into their second and third runs through different houses' stories, many hoped they could do so with an added level of challenge. Even before the game's release, game director Genki Yokota promised that Fire Emblem: Three Houses would get a harder difficult as free DLC.

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Finally, that extra difficulty setting has found its way into the game by way of a free update. The new setting, called "Maddening," will give players a chance to really hone their team in battle. If players can clear Maddening difficulty outside of New Game+, the Fire Emblem: Three Houses title screen will change.

fire emblem difficulty update

The new update will also make a few other minor changes. The bonus renown for players who take on New Game+ will increase. Nintendo has also added brand new voice lines for the male English version of the lead character Byleth. The voice update patches out the lines originally spoken by the Fire Emblem actor accused of sexual assault.

Nintendo has also released the second part of the DLC that comes as part of the expansion pass. Folks who shelled out for the extra content will get some new clothing options. First off, Sacred Galewind Shoes (Movement +1), a Sacred Floral Robe (HP +7), Sacred a Snowmelt Drop (Strength +3), and a Sacred Moonstone (Speed +3) will all appear in Byelth's quarters. The new DLC also adds loungewear and glasses for Byleth. For folks who prefer some new combat encounters to outfits, the expansion pass DLC will also get some new auxiliary battles for players to tackle. The battles will include special status buff rewards and extra gold.

Despite the review bombing, Fire Emblem:Three Houses has done well for Nintendo. The game has sold a ton of copies and players have really resonated with its characters and story. Three Houses already features close to 200 hours of gameplay in its base game for those who want to see the whole story and play through New Game+, but it seems Nintendo still plans to add more. The game has another DLC on the horizon for early next year.

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