Fire Emblem: Three Houses Update Changes Controversial Dialogue

The Fire Emblem franchise is no stranger to controversial content. Some may recall that Fire Emblem Fates was accused of featuring a gay conversion scene involving the player character essentially drugging a female party member. That scene was changed for the western release of that game, and there were some changes made to the Switch exclusive Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the translation process as well. However, some controversial content remained, including some questionable dialogue that has now been patched out of the game as of the latest update.

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As spotted by users on Resetera, some controversial dialogue in Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been changed. The original dialogue saw the character Bernadetta say, "To train me to be a good, submissive wife, he'd do things like tie me to a chair and leave me there all day, challenging me to stay quiet." Here is the original dialogue as seen in the game:

As of the latest update for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Bernadetta's dialogue has been tweaked. It now just says, "To train me to be a good wife, he'd do things like tie me to a chair." While the basic premise of the scene is still intact and disturbing, it trims things up a bit so it's not quite as dark. It should be noted, however, that an exact reason for the dialogue change hasn't been confirmed.

The latest update for Fire Emblem: Three Houses does more than just change some of the dialogue, though. The new Fire Emblem: Three Houses update also removes voice lines from Byleth's male English voice actor. This was seemingly done in response to Byleth's voice actor Chris Niosi being accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

Besides making changes to the dialogue and voice acting, the latest Fire Emblem: Three Houses update also adds the new Maddening difficulty. Maddening difficulty will offer an extra challenge for players who found the other difficulty settings in Fire Emblem: Three Houses too easy, and conquering it will actually change the game's title screen.

Moving forward, fans of Fire Emblem: Three Houses can expect Nintendo to keep releasing new updates for the game. Whether or not any of those future updates will contain dialogue changes remains to be seen.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Resetera

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